Best Social Media Hacks 2019 (That Actually Work)

Hey, everyone, I’m from and today I’m gonna share with you – seven best social media hacks 2019, That’ll make your business grow faster!

You’re on Facebook, you’re on Twitter you’re on Instagram you’re on LinkedIn! Why are you even generating sales from these social networks, I bet you’re not!

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Now I have a question for you – how many of you guys share content on social sites like – Facebook and get very little to no likes or engagement from no comments to no one liking to no one clicking on your website!

If that’s you leave a comment with yes! And you know what you’re not!

The only one who’s there a lot of people are there even me with over nine hundred thousand fans on my Facebook page there were times.

When I was only getting five or six likes, but then I learned some of these hacks and it not only changed! How I did on Facebook, but it helped grow my business faster!

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First Tip about Best Social Media Hacks 2019 is: All Social Media

The first hack I have for you and this works for all social sites Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram! If you respond to every single comment you’re gonna get more engagement.

See Facebook values a comment more than they value alike same with LinkedIn same with Instagram! They’re harder to do for people.

So when they comment it shows these social sites and these platforms. Hey, your content is good so when someone leaves a comment response to their comment.

And don’t just answer the comment but also encourage them by asking a question in your response! It’s a great way to not only get more comments but keep the momentum going.

So that way your post is much more likely to go viral on these social sites!

The Second Tip: LinkedIn Hacks

The second tip I have for you is specific to LinkedIn! Whenever you’re writing your description, so let’s say you’re sharing content or something from your website on LinkedIn.

Keep your sentence is very short if you look at Neil Patel profile on LinkedIn you’ll notice he do one or two small sentences.

Usually, he will do four or five but he starts off with short sentences and you only see one or two at the top and then you have to click a see more link. He does that on purpose because with LinkedIn the more people that click see more.

The more viral my content is gonna go on LinkedIn because it tells LinkedIn, that hey people want to see more they like Neal’s content that encourages them to show it to more people.

It’s a quick hack! It’ll get you way more traffic and engagement on LinkedIn!

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The Third Tip: Don’t Just Promote Your Business

The third tip I have for you is – don’t just promote your business! Everyone’s like yeah I want sales from Facebook, I want sales from LinkedIn!

I’m just gonna start promoting my products and services. Well if you keep doing that and you’re not being social. Because that’s the whole purpose of these social sites is to be social!

You’re gonna find that your reach is gonna tank and no ones gonna see your content like or engage with it.  So every once in a while I would actually do this!

At least two to three times a week sure quote sure a picture share a story to share something that doesn’t talk about your business or promote it!

Maybe helps other people gives value this creates so much more engagement. Because you’re not driving people away from social sites.

They want to keep people on LinkedIn, they want to keep people on Facebook! It’s one of the simplest hacks and then when you respond to all those comments and you engage it.

Boosts the overall Authority of your page your profile that way when you share more stuff related to your business, you’re gonna get way more traffic because your overall page Authority or profile Authority is gonna be way higher.

The Fourth Tip: To Leverage Stories on Instagram and Facebook

The fourth tip is to leverage stories on Instagram and Facebook! They get so much engagement what I like doing is sharing stories.

Multiple times a day not just one or two stories but like 10 12 13 and even on Instagram what you can do that’s really cool, that you’re sharing stories you can help people to swipe up.

Garyvee does this a ton. When he has like a podcast or a blog post he’s like swipe up swipe up. It gets so much more engagement that way his podcast is getting more downloads.

People are going more to say he’s getting more conversions and sales. It’s a simple hack it works well and if you do multiple updates to your story each and every single day. Because you more opportunities to get people to swipe up!

The Fifth Tip: As Crossman All your Social Profiles

The fifth tip I have for you as Crossman all your social profiles. You’re not just on Facebook you’re not just on LinkedIn you’re on all of them alright.

At least you’re on the major ones so taller your Twitter fans or followers to follow you on Facebook tell your Facebook people to get follow you on twitter.

Tell your people on LinkedIn to check out your Twitter and your Facebook and your Instagram do that vice versa with all your profiles.

Because they’ll all become more popular than when you post your content or promote your business more likely that more pee we’ll see it. Here’s the thing just because you have a thousand fans or a hundred thousand fans you post something.

There’s no way that the majority of your fans are gonna see it. You’re lucky if 10 percent see it by cross-promoting it gives you a higher chance that your true fans your potential customers are gonna see your new stuff, When it’s a blog post a podcast new product a new service, they’re more likely to see it.

The Six Tip: To Use Exit Pop-Up

The six tip I have for you is to use an exit pop-up! I have a question how many of you guys like exit pop-ups if you like it exit popup leave a comment with a yes if you hate them leave a comment with no!

I’m gonna guess that most of you hate them and I’m curious to see what they say you know I leveraged them on you know why he leveraged exit pop-ups?

It’s one of the highest converting things you can do someone’s gonna leave your site might as well create that last-ditch effort to get them to convert and I don’t recommend doing it on mobile.

I would recommend doing it just for desktop. if you want to do it on mobile I would recommend that you wait at least 30 seconds before you show it because it’s too hard to detect when they’re gonna leave your site.

Now here’s the thing with these mobile pop-ups you can ask them to follow you on Facebook, follow you on Instagram. Whether it’s a desktop or mobile technique you can do it on both.

I was doing it on my older blog quick spread calm which I no longer own and I found by just doing the exit pop of asking people to follow me on Facebook.

I was generating a thousand kids you not a thousand new fans per week that’s a lot through one simple hack and you can do that for free using a tool like!

Last and Seven Tip: Social Platforms Love Video

The last tip I have for you – it’s a test out video social platforms love the video. So if you create a video you’re giving them more potential eyeballs instead of the television networks.

That’s why companies like Netflix and Hulu they’re pushing so much on paid content. Everyone including Facebook Twitter Instagram and all these social sites wants that video content.

So consider creating because when you do you’re gonna get more engagement and even in your videos you can promote your business like this!

Article Reference: Neil Patel Video Blog


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