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Covert Video Press 3.0 costs $47. As mentioned, if you purchased it once, you will get an unlimited license.

The product developer also offers a 45-days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this theme or you don’t like it, you can also ask for a refund within 45 days.


Covert Video Press 3.0 is a digital product of “The IM Wealth Builders”. Created by Soren Jordansen and John Merrick. It is a tube theme for WordPress.

Today’s world, finding and watching videos is a common trend among people. If you offer people video clips, they usually spend more time on your website.

In the meantime, they will more likely click something or buy something through your referral. Which actually helps you to make money.

As a marketer, if you want to deliverance the earning possibilities, you can start by building a video tube website.

To make a video tube site, make it look better, comfortable design, user-friendly, you can have the new release Covert Video Press 3.0 theme.

Covert Video Press 3.0 theme allows you to build an awesome video website like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion.

In 2012, The “IM Wealth Builders” first introducing the Covert Video Press WordPress theme. They got the amazing result of 1000 happy customers. In 2017, they released the upgraded 2.0 version.  Not only that, now you’ll get the brand-new Covert Video Press 3.0 updated version for 2019.

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Covert Video Press V3.0 Features

The V3 theme version has gotten a complete overhaul and included tons of exciting features for optimizing videos properly.

Here are some features which have been included in Video Press 3.0 version:

01. Super simple tube theme to install and use. It takes a single click to install and will work on any computer operating system. All you need a WordPress site.

02. Step by step wizard for setting up, installing, customizing any parts of your tube website.

03. Mini tutorial helping videos for every part of setting in the admin area – right where you need them when you need them. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie and does not have any programming knowledge and technical skills or experience, the videos will make you master.

04. It is a self-optimizing WordPress theme, showing the best converting videos first. This theme automatically tracks impressions and the amount of click of every video of a site and showing those videos in the most popular video section at the top of the site.

05. Big social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Reddit are integrated for sharing. These buttons are like the same as YouTube buttons.

06. Default in-built, automatic traffic generator from social network facility are integrated. If someone comment on the Facebook post, those comments will also be added and shown to the tube site automatically.

07. Covert Video Press designed tube sites are very much Search Engine friendly like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Because it has been created with great coding algorithm. Super loading speed gives great user experience (UX).

08. Fully monetized with Inbuilt theme ads facility and lots of custom widgets. Very easy to customize Covert Video Press V3.0 theme as you want. Totally easy configurable exactly what you want the site looks

09. As mentioned, a mini tutorial is attached for every section. There are also some full video tutorials are included to walking you through all the technical stuff you need to know.

Pros: What We Liked?

01. It is fairly simple to add/upload videos.

02. Because of the search engine friendly, it is easy to populate these type of tube sites.

03. You don’t need to upload your personal videos if you don’t want to.

04. Beautiful look with awesome in-built features. Does not need any developer.

05. Video Press 3.0 comes with multi-site and unlimited site licenses included, once you purchased this product. So, no extra cost!

06. By using this theme, you can add any video you want from any other websites.

07. The social sharing integration makes your mailing list quickly.

08. Covert Videos has grid style post layout, that is all about watching videos and using affiliates to generate revenue.

09. Thumbnails are created automatically for each video which is actually a time

10. Theme price is affordable and worth the price.

Cons: What We Didn't Liked?

01. This theme does not have bulk import features for adding videos.

02. Automatically next, play system is unavailable.

Why Should You Get Covert Video Press 3.0?

Covert Video Press 3.0 forge YouTube, Vimeo, and other big video tube sites and distribute videos in a very addictive format, which are extremely likable by people all around the world.

Helps you to build a huge video site, even you do not have any video yourself. You are just leveraging other people work to make your video site.

By showing the ads, Covert generates revenues for you. It allows you to connect more people by joining the newsletter of your site.

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Covert Video Press 3.0 Review: Does it Truly Do What It Offers?

Actually, Covert Video Press helps you to build a niche video site, pull traffics onto your mailing list, monetize your site, makes your site popular within a short time, Generate earning via affiliate and AdSense.

So, now tell me, why you have this query in your mind till now? Based on my experience with Video Press 3.0, other reviews, ratings and according to the customer’s feedback, I can tell you: Heck Yeah! Covert Video Press 3.0 truly does what it offers.

Covert Video Press 3.0 Price

Covert Video Press 3.0 costs $47. As mentioned, if you purchased it once, you will get an unlimited license.

You can also use this theme as many sites as you want (even you can use on your client’s tube site or even the website you want to sell recently).

The product developer also offers a 45-days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this theme or you don’t like it, you can also ask for a refund within 45 days.


Due to the huge features, advantages and affordable price, it can be said that Covert Video Press 3.0 is such a product which is really worth to buy and use to build up a gorgeous looking tube site, populate it and earn revenues through the tube site.

So, if you want to build a tube site, we recommend you to try this amazing Covert Video Press 3.0 product at least once.

If you don’t like it, there’s a money back guaranty available. So! What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose.

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