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Welcome, everyone. The topic of today article is: How to Earn Money Through Videos?

You might be wondering, is it really possible to earn through video? The answer is yes, definitely. Let’s dive deep into the how’s.

Before starting, you have to understand what you can make other people understand, on which topic you can draw people’s interest.

First I assume that you have efficiency on a particular subject. Suppose it’s designing. That means you can design using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or other software.

And you can make someone understand different aspects of graphics designing. You can teach people online through video tutorials.

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YouTube Medium:

Without any doubt, YouTube is the best medium to do tutorial video sharing. There are numerous videos on Photoshop & illustrator in YouTube.

You might have even learned something from YouTube but have never even thought about opening up your own tutorial channel.

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Some Things About YouTube Channels:

After finding your video type, make Videos on Photoshop / Illustrator and upload them to YouTube. Now the question is as a newcomer how should you decorate your channel & how many videos you should upload every day.

If you have any question on how to open up a channel or how to decorate the channel, you should go to the YouTube search-box and watch some tutorials on the subject.

The number of videos to upload every day depends solely on you. If you want to upload 2 videos per day, then you have to continue to do so, because YouTube likes scheduled work for ranking. But uploading 1 video per day continuously is OK.

Some Words on Video Editing

Suppose you have decided on which topic to make videos, which platform to choose for uploading the videos.

But you don’t know how to edit the videos to make them rank better on YouTube. You must learn video editing before uploading videos, at least some working knowledge, further knowledge will come later with practice.

How to Learn Edit? Just Search on YouTube, You’ll Get Great Tutorials.

For editing videos I would recommend learning Camtasia Studio, it is a very powerful software at the same time easy to use.

I hope you’ll pay heed to my advice, it will be very beneficial for you.

I Recommend Camtasia Studio:

because, when you start searching for tools to edit video, you will see many tools to do so. But you won’t be able to choose which tool to use.

So, I suggest Camtasia, which is used by many professional YouTubers.

Here are some links to useful Camtasia Studio tutorials for you to watch-

How is The Revenue Generated Through Video?

When talking about earning through video, normally a question pops up in our mind, how videos generate revenue?

I will now point out some ways videos generate revenue:


AdSense is Google’s advertising system. Companies around the globe pay Google millions of $ to advertise their products.

Google has billions of traffic, Google deliver these ads to internet users in various ways. YouTube is Google’s video-sharing website. Google puts ads of relevant companies on YouTube.

Now how does a YouTuber earn through YouTube advertisements? Suppose you have uploaded a video which has been able to get 100k viewers.

Through these viewers, those companies were able to show their products off to prospective customers.

And now if 10k of those people by any chance click on one of those ads, Google get a commission from those companies, from which Google will give you a small amount of commission.

This small amount will increase as your videos gain more views. And thus you can earn money through Google AdSense from YouTube.

Selling Products Using Video Advertising:

Let’s assume that you are a designer, you can design very well in Photoshop & illustrator. You can sell your works by making videos on your designs and uploading them to YouTube.

And for doing this you must have to have a personal website. You might be wondering, is it really possible to sell this way? You can be assured that it is quite possible.

You have uploaded videos for 5/6 months and hopefully accumulated around 10 thousand subscribers. Now your every video has on average 10-12 thousand views.

Now, if you upload a promotional video of a good quality product for you. Then won’t you be able to sell 50 products at least?

Absolutely yes! And that’s why online marketing is a good source of earning money. You just have to invest a lot of time and hard work.

You won’t be able to earn money right from the start. But after 5 or 6 months, your hard work will certainly pay off.


There are some other ways to earn money through videos. I will talk about them in some later session. That’s all for today. Thanks a lot for your patience!


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