How to Generate More Sales Using Video Marketing – Six Hidden Tips

Hey everyone, I’m from and today I’m gonna teach you how to generate more sales using video marketing or maximize your sales and traffic leveraging by video.

Do you want to generate more traffic and sales but you don’t want to wait a year before you have to see results through channels like SEO?

See, the cool thing about the video is you can see results faster than traditional SEO or most marketing channels out there.

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Now, one question I have for you guys is – how many of you have leverage videos? I’m just curious. If you have, leave a comment with yes. If you haven’t, leave a comment with no.

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Neil Patel Says about – How to Generate More Sales Using Video Marketing

Neil Patel Says about - How to Generate More Sales Using Video Marketing

If you haven’t, you really have to try it out. It’s one of the best channels I have created and, if you notice, I create more videos each week than I do text-based content.

Let’s go in order on you how to generate more sales using video marketing or what you need to do to get more sales traffic from videos.

First Tip: Find Actual Keywords

First, think you need to do is leverage Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is a free tool that’ll show you what keywords are popular.

If you don’t know keywords and topics are popular within your space, you’ll be creating videos on content that no one wants to watch or hear about.

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Second Tip: Just Bust out Your Phone and Start Recording into It

The second thing you need is – just bust out your phone and start recording into it. You know, make sure you’re looking at the video, you don’t want to do just audio, and you wanna breakdown whatever topic is popular based on that you learn from Ubersuggest.

When you’re doing the video, ask questions with your video, make sure it’s engaging. Be fun, laughing, always smile. I always forget that one but that’s very important.

My cameraman always tells me that, he’s amazing. In addition to that, at the very end, you wanna have a call to action that drives people back to your website.

For example, at the end of my blogs, I tell people to check out ad agency Neil Patel Digital. When you do that, you’ll at least start generating sales.

If you don’t have that call to action that you say at the very end, I kid you not, it’s gonna be very hard to get sales from that video.

Third Tip: Learn about SRT File

Then, I want you to go to and get an SRT file. What this does is, they’ll do a transcription of the video content after you recorded it and give you an SRT file that you can upload.

You will then wanna take the video and the SRT file and upload it to each and every single social network out there. You wanna do Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube at the bare minimum.

By uploading the SRT file, what you’ll find is a lot of these social sites autoplay the videos and people don’t have their speakers on, especially when they’re at work. So then they can read the text and follow along. It’ll help boost engagement.

Four Tip: Video SEO

Video SEO

Now that you have uploaded this video, at the same time, before you hit the publish button, you want wanna include the right keywords, that is called YouTube video On-Page SEO.

So you already Ubersuggest, they gave your ideas. By entering these keywords within the copy, within the description, and within the title, it will help you get more organic traffic.

Five Tip: Promote Your Video

Promote Your Video

Then you wanna promote the video. Go take your email lists and send out an email blast and push it out to your videos within the first hour.

This will help you get more traction and make you go more viral. If you have a push notification list, through tools like Subscribes, send out a push about the video and push everyone to it within the first hour.

Again, this will help the videos get more views and help them go more viral.

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Last and Six Tip: Respond to All Positive Comments

Respond to All Positive Comments

And last, but not least, respond to all positive comments. The biggest thing when it comes to videos and getting them more engagement and getting more sales is you need to engage with the community.

When someone leaves a comment you need to respond to it. By doing that, they’re gonna build a better connection with you. Then, when you sell them products and services, they are more likely to buy.

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