How to Get More Downloads For Your Podcast – Best 7 Tips

Hey, everyone, I’m Kawkab Nadim from and today I’m gonna share with you how to get more downloads for your podcast? Before we get started I have a quick question for you – how many of you guys have a podcast.

Out of all marketing channels do you know which one has the richest audience is podcast. Podcast has more people that generate over $75,000 a year in household incomes.

If you do leave a comment with yes if you don’t leave a comment with no!  Now that you did that another thing I want to let you know.

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The First Tip for today’s topic: how to get more downloads for your podcast is – Promoting Your Podcast on Social Media

Now going back to podcasting the first tip that I have for you – if you want to increase your downloads is to promote your podcast on social media.

When most people create a podcast and they release it. What they’ll do is they’ll go on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and say hey everyone I got a podcast to check me out!

And yeah you should do that! But what’s more effective than that is every time you release a podcast episode.

Because keep in mind if you have a podcast it’s not just one episode you’re gonna constantly release new episodes.

Every month and every time you release a new episode share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and every other social channel out there it’s a great way to get more listens!

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The Second Tip – Exit Pop-up on Your Website

The second tip I have for you – as an exit pop-up so on your website! There’s a lot of people that will visit you from their mobile devices.

More people these days are using Google from their mobile phone. Then they are from their desktop computer or laptop.

So with your website just for all those mobile visitors do an exit popup like – I have on and I use a tool called to do this.

And within 30 seconds of someone being on my website. You don’t want to do this right away, because it irritates people wait 30 seconds.

When someone comes to my website they’re on there for 30 seconds on a mobile device. I tell him to subscribe to marketing school – which is my podcast!

It’s really simple and then through hello bar. I can do it where if it’s an iPhone device they get sent to the iTunes store and if it’s a device they get sent to any of the Android types of stores.

I don’t have an Android phone so I’m not sure where I send them, but I do know I’m sending them to a version where they can download the podcast on their Android phone it’s simple and it’s very effective!

The Third Tip – Include Your Podcast in Your Social Media

The third strategy I have for you is – include your podcast in your social media BIOS! For example on Instagram people are following you.

You got a bio and your bio linked out to your podcast, so many people listen to podcast episodes on their mobile devices.

It’s the best place to link to it if you want to take your Instagram bio link to your website.  You can but you’re gonna get way fewer sales from the mobile device.

Then you are from a desktop device and for that reason, you’re better off especially. If you want the podcast downloads to link from your bio to your podcasts.

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The Fourth Tip – Using Lipson!

The fourth tip I have for you – let’s say you’re using Lipson. You want to have a detailed here! Lipson makes it easy it rolls out the description everywhere.

So that way if you’re in the iTunes Store and you’re checking out marketing school. You’ll see a detailed here!

That description should contain what your podcast is about as well as major keywords that generate traffic and are related to your space.

If you don’t know what keywords generate the most traffic in your space you can use tools like ubersuggest.

To type in keywords and I’ll show you a laundry list of other relevant terms by doing that one simple thing and plugging in more keywords.

You’re gonna be able to get more search traffic when people are in all these podcasts stores like in iTunes searching for educational material about whatever subject they’re interested in!

The Fifth Tip – Send out an Email Blast

The fifth tip I have for you is – send out an email blast about each of your podcast episodes. Now if you have a daily episode of course.

You’re not gonna send daily emails but you could do it once a week recap linking to your most popular podcast episodes of that week or all of your podcast episodes.

If you only do a monthly podcast send out an email blast right when the episode comes out!

The Six tip – Send out Each of Your Podcast Episodes

And the sixth tip which is similar to the fifth one is – send out each of your podcast episodes to your push notification list.

Let’s say you’re using tools like subscribers, which allow you to collect push notifications when someone comes to your website.

They’re there it’s easy for them to opt in through tools like subscribers and then whenever you have a new episode.

You can send out a blast through people’s browsers and notify them about your latest episode. This allows that where people get notified right away.

And it’s a great way to just increase the popularity of your episode right when it comes out!

The Last and Seven Tip – To Interview Some Guests

And the last tip I have for you is – to interview some guests there’s always gonna be someone on the web who’s more popular.

Even if you have one of the most popular podcasts there are still people who are more popular than you and that’s a great thing to take those guests and invite them to be on your show.

Whether you have a popular podcast or new podcast so many people are open to having guests people!

When it comes out ask them to share it on their social profiles you know if they’re open to it ask them to send an email blast.

These little things will allow you to get way more subscribers and downloads to your podcasts. Then if you didn’t interview guests it’s a simple tactic and it’s one of the best strategies that you should be using.

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