How to Get on The Front Page of Google Rank – Best 6 Tips

Hey! everyone, I’m Kawkab Nadim from and today I’m gonna share with you – how to Get on The Front Page of Google? That’s right not just ranking number 1 but owning the first page.

Do you want to know what’s better than being on page 1 of Google? And no it’s not being ranked number 1 on Google! There’s actually something better than that.

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Now before we get started I have a question for you How to Get on The Front Page of Google? If you rank on page one of Google for something other.

Then your brand name leave a comment with yes if you don’t leave a comment with no!

And today what I’m gonna share with you isn’t going to teach you just How to Get on The Front Page of Google rank on page one or even number one! I’m gonna teach you how to own the first page of Google.

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The Whole Article Summary:

  • Internal Link to Your Content
  • Same Topic of Multiple Pages
  • About Duplicate Your Content
  • About Build Links
  • Social Promote
  • Outdated Content

First Tip about How to Get on the Front Page of Google: To Internal Link Your Content

The first tip I have for you is – to interlink your content! So let’s say you’re trying to rank for a term like SEO or online marketing.

If you have an article that’s super in-depth about that topic you can create other offshoots!

For example – I have a lot of topics on online marketing one of them is online marketing made simple a step-by-step guide.

I also have other articles that break down online marketing tools. So what I can do is cross-link those articles together by doing that.

It’ll increase my chance that both of those pages can rank on page one for the term online marketing.

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The Second Tip: Same Topic of Multiple Pages

In addition to that, you want to have multiple pages that cover the same topic. I just gave you an example – the right one could be on online marketing beginners guide another one could be online marketing tools.

Another one could be how to get started with online marketing, another one could be the advanced guide to online marketing.

You get the point but by having multiple pages, not just two by having five or six or seven. It’s going to increase your chances that you can rank on page one with more than just one listing.

The Third Tip: About Duplicate Your Content

The third tip I have for you is – to not duplicate your content! A lot of people when they’re trying to rank for a term like – online marketing!

They’ll take the same content and regurgitate it throughout their whole site if you do that Google not gonna want to rank duplicate content from your own site multiple times.

They’ll create a terrible user experience if you do that you’re not gonna do well so don’t duplicate your own content right fresh unique stuff that you already haven’t written about before.

The Fourth Tip: About Build Links

The fourth tip I have for you is – to build links! If you build links to your site you’re gonna rank higher. You know that, but you also want to build links to every version of your posts.

That you’re trying to dominate page one four, so using a trust they have a feature called link to intersect. You can put in your URL as well as other competitive URLs.

And I’ll show you who links to your competitors but not linking to you the beautiful part about this feature is.

If someone links to three or four or five of your competitors but not you there’s a good chance you could potentially convince them.

To also link to you because you know they’re open to linking to other sites within your space.

So using the link intersect tool – you can see the whose link to other online marketing articles or other online marketing sites.

You see that then from there what you’ll want to do is head up those sites and ask them hey! You got a detailed post that you cover A, B, and C that your competition may not ask them to link to you as well.

I don’t just do that for your main post on that subject but also do it in regards to your secondary and third pages that are also around that same topic.

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The Fifth Tip: Social Promote

The fifth tip I have for you is – promote your articles on the social web! From Facebook to Twitter, to LinkedIn.

You’ve heard this before you want to promote your main articles as well as your sub-articles that are also around that topic.

But what most people don’t tell you when it comes to social promotions is and you know this you share an article on Twitter or Facebook most your fans or friends aren’t gonna see it.

So you don’t want to just share it once you want to share it four or five times over the next six months. By doing this you’re gonna continue to get more eyeballs more shares indirectly some of those people may link to the article leave a comment.

This will help with the engagement better user metrics and that should with overall rankings in the long run.

The Last and Six tip: Outdated Content

And the last tip I have for you is – no one likes outdated content! You publish content it gets outdated over time its natural.

Even if you write about tools and tips for example – if I wrote about vine which is it coming to that Twitter but it’s outdated.

It doesn’t exist anymore Twitter shut it down I’d have to update that content talk about a different tool, out there maybe Instagram.

The point I’m trying to make is whatever you write on its going to get outdated and that’s okay, that’s natural.

But once a year consider updating your main pieces of content because that’ll help them all rank higher. So that’s it!

Last Talk about Today’s Topic: “How to Get on The Front Page of Google”

You follow those tips and you’re much more likely to not just rank number one on Google!

But take over the first page with multiple listings and if you want to go to the extreme take all these tactics.

And do this with multiple sites by doing that you’re gonna even increase your chances of dominating the first page.

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