Grow Your Business with PayPal – The Best 4 Tips for You

Today’s article topic is – Grow your business with PayPal Payment Method. Do you want a little secret on how I boost my sales by 19%!

Hey, everyone, I’m from and today I’m gonna share with you – how I grow your business with PayPal!

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Today’s Article Summary:

  1. Accept PayPal as Payment
  2. Use Payment Plans
  3. PayPal Card Reader
  4. PayPal Loans
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The First Tip for Grow your Business with PayPal is – Accept PayPal as Payment

The first tip I have for you is – add PayPal as a payment option. You all have checkout pages but have you thought about just letting people pay through PayPal on your checkout page.

You can include that by an option and when I did that on my checkout page what I found is my conversions went up by an extra six percent.

It may not sound like a lot but you have to think about it all these little tweaks add up and here’s a crazy part of what I learned is you yourself are doing business in whatever region with us.

The United States, India, UK, Latin America there are all these regions in the world but doing a business online people can reach you not just from where you’re located.

But again all around the world and adding PayPal as a payment option not only brings trust, but it makes it easy for people all around the world to pay you.

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The Second Tip – Use Payment Plans

The second tip I have for you is – offer payment plans! See when I started selling products online one of the first products I would sell was a product for nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars!

That’s a lot of money and people would come and they would purchase but then I decided you know what why not have payment plans and a lot of people out there think – hey you know what if you have payment plans.

People are gonna cancel they’re always gonna stay you’re not gonna get the full amount of money but the beautiful part is with PayPal, they make payment plans really simple and when I offered payment plans my sales went up another 13 percent!

If you take the first tactic of six percent combining with the second tactic of 13 percent that’s a total of 19 percent more in sales!

And here’s the thing although when I was offering payment plans some people canceled in total though. I still made more money than if I didn’t offer payment plans.

The Third Tip – PayPal Card Reader

The third tip I have for you is – to take money offline! If you’re a business you don’t just do business online people are walking all around this world doing businesses at conferences trade shows meetings whatever.

It may be with PayPal card reader you can accept money offline a good example of this is I speak at conferences.

And when I speak at conferences my company will have an exhibit booth people will come they’ll talk to some of my sales reps or are the people that work out my company.

And when we find that someone’s interested in our services why would you want to wait with paper our card reader.

You can start generating revenue offline whether that’s conferences or even your brick-and-mortar shops its beautiful! It’s easy to do and it’ll boost your ROI from things like events!

The Last and Fourth Tip – PayPal Loans

The fourth tip I have for you is – start leveraging business loans! See here’s the beautiful thing about the internet.

If you know you’re growing really fast bank loans aren’t that expensive but I know what you’re thinking bank loans are really hard to get here’s a beautiful part about PayPal.

If you run your business through PayPal they’ll give you offers for loans!

For example, if you’re running a lot of your revenue people are paying you through PayPal they know what you’re generating on a monthly basis.

They make it super simple to get business loans and qualify from versus a bank or any traditional means you gotta check it out.

It makes it easy and the best part about it is if you’re running things like paid advertising campaigns on Google or Facebook this allows you to spend more money on advertising.

Especially if you know for every dollar you spend you’re making more money and your campaigns are profitable so that’s it!

The last Summary of Today’s Topic – Grow Your Business with PayPal

Those are the four tips I have for you if you want to grow your business with PayPal!

It’s really simple they work just as a quick recap one – accept PayPal as a payment option to make sure you have payment plans whether this reoccurring payments.

Or payment plan it’s a great way to generate extra revenue versus just charging a flat fee up from. 3 make sure you check out PayPal’s card reader!

If you’re going to events or offline meetings the beautiful part about it is. It lets you close deal in real time and for PayPal offers business loans by running your business through there.

It’s so much easier to get approved for money without going through all that normal paperwork and long process that normal banks take PayPal makes that process super simple

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