Is it Possible to Earn From Social Media?

Please be attentive. I don’t know how much time or words I will need to convey today’s topic clearly.

Today I will talk about earning from social media elaborately. I don’t know whether I will be able to sustain your attention to the last bit of the article. But I believe that reading this article will not waste your time.

I will try to inform you as much as I can to give you some valuable information. So, let’s start today’s article

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What is Social Media?

In a few words, social media marketing is marketing a product by using the power of various social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, YouTube etc. First, you have to gather a large number of friends and followers and advertising your positive contents and products to them. In this age of the internet, social media marketing is very popular.

Now vendors use social media to sell their products online. Once we couldn’t even think that a product can be sold through the internet.

But In this age of globalization, we are gradually forgetting offline marketing and concentrating on online marketing. Because we want to waste our time as little as possible.

Once social media were just fun and entertainment media. But now we get a different type of news and advertisement through social media.

Every marketplace is now connected to social media. We get the latest news on any topic from social media.

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We know that Amazon marketplace is the biggest marketplace in the world.

We can’t comprehend how big amazon marketplace is. There is no such product which can’t be found on Amazon marketplace. We get the latest product updates of Amazon marketplace through social media.

We can easily get this news by following Amazon Facebook page/twitter/YouTube channel. So, I think that you have got the idea of what social media marketing is.

You can watch the following videos to get more detailed information about social media marketing –

There are so many social media that I can’t talk about all these social media individually. I will talk about some of the most popular social media networks out there.

Facebook :

Facebook is the number one social media. It serves 1.5 billion users every month and 1 million small and big businesses are connected to it. Facebook started on 4th February 2004. In these 13 years, Facebook has come to the position it is now. I will write about Facebook marketing in details in some later post. You can see the videos below to know more about Facebook –

Twitter :

4.49 billion visitors have visited twitter until now. Twitter was established two years after Facebook on March 21, 2006. Twitter has most of its user traffic from U.S.A (22.44%), Japan (13.81%), and UK (5.75%). This info is before January 2018. Like Facebook, people use twitter as a business tool also. Here are some videos to know about Twitter in depth.

LinkedIn :

The 3rd place of the top social media list goes to LinkedIn. LinkedIn was established two years prior to Facebook in 2002 and it started as a social media in 2003. The videos below will inform you more about LinkedIn –

YouTube :

You will be surprised by seeing the statistics about YouTube given below. YouTube is a video sharing social media. People upload and watch different types of entertainment, infotainment and news videos on YouTube.

The first video of YouTube has uploaded 23 April 2005. Currently, there are 1.3 billion users of YouTube until 2018. 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. On average YouTube has 5 billion views per day.

30 million visitors visit YouTube every day. On average YouTube has 3.25 billion hours of watch time.

20% of the total YouTube users are from the USA and the rest are from other countries. I can’t even describe the enormity of YouTube as a business platform in this short space.

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 Is it really possible to earn from social media???  Yes, at present social media is one of the popular media of earning money.

There are various ways to earn money from social media. I going to write about some of them

Medium 1 :

Suppose you have an off-line T-shirt shop. You want to increase your customer traffic by 10/12 times. You can’t do this easily through an off-line medium. In this regard, social media can come to your rescue.

People of every walk of life now spend time in various Social Media. You will use this to your benefit. First, you have to open a Facebook page in your shop’s name.

Then decorate the page with a beautiful logo, cover photo, pics of your products. Then you have to increase the page’s traffic.

You can’t gather thousands of follower’s overnight. You have to work daily at-least for 6 months for this. By 6 month, the no of followers of the page will most certainly be 30-40 thousand.

By this time your followers know that about your products. Now your sells will most certainly increase. That’s not the end of it, your followers will continuously increase and so will your selling, as long as you provide them with good quality products.

And after some time your active income will turn into passive income. Passive income is such a type of income that will generate revenue without your active participation.

In this phase, you can even use your page to sell other’s products in exchange for the commission.

Thus through this Facebook page, you can earn 10/20 times more than your off-line income. Here are some informative videos on earning on Facebook

Medium 2 :

Suppose you are a salesman by profession. You get a monthly salary of $300-$500. You want to increase your income and are trying to do so.

In the off-line world, increasing your income will take a very long time. You have somehow come to know that there’s is an opportunity to build up an online salesmanship that is known as the affiliate marketer.

You can research online for various resources on affiliate marketing and start to learn about affiliate marketing and slowly learn how this affiliate marketing thing works.

After some time you will be well informed about the Ins & outs of affiliate marketing. First, you have to create a Facebook page in, a twitter account, and a YouTube channel your name.

Then connect all these social networking accounts to your website. If you work hard you will be able to gather a good amount of traffic by 5/6 months.

Now if you can market a good product through these social media accounts then the money you will be able to earn will be many times larger than your off-line income.

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I hope that I have been able to make you understand that it is really possible to earn from the internet. You just have to work hard for it. If you work hard success will surely show up itself.

OK, that’s all for today, will be right back soon with some new article. Thanks for your patience.

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