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Have you ever wondered the current 1.5 billion Gmail users could be your potential customers?

It could be possible through email marketing, a powerful form of digital marketing, which helps you promote your products or services to your targeted audience.

But there are some common problems that email marketers face: low delivery rate, low open rate, low click rate, high unsubscribe rate, and many more.

To solve these issues, you need to use the best email marketing automation software in 2021. However, which one is the best among so many alternatives?

There are many, but I’m now going to talk about MailPanda, one of the best lead collection software for 2021.

In this review, I’ll show you what the software features and how it works to make money by sending emails. Using Mail Panda, you will get 3X more opening and clicks that sells your products or services more than ever before.

So, hurry up!

MailPanda Review In 2021

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Before going through the product review, you should know what MailPanda is, who the vendor is, and for whom the MailPanda is.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is MailPanda?

This is the current price of these mail panda at warriorplus (affiliate link takes you to warriorplus.com)

MailPanda is a piece of premium email marketing software that allows you to automatically send emails to your subscribers directly to their mail inboxes.

This cloud-based technology also comes with the easiest inline editor and high converting email templates that ensure more opens, clicks, conversion, and sales without much effort.

Who is the Vendor?

Daniel Adetunji makes this email marketing automation software. He has been in this online marketing industry for the last 5 years, serving over 50 thousand customers.

If you have any queries regarding MailPanda, you can connect with him on Skype, Facebook, and Email.

Skype ID: Adetunji19

Facebook Profile: Here 

Email: Dboy3690@gmail.com

Who is MailPanda for?

If you’re one of them who are affiliate marketers, freelancers, e-commerce business holders, all types of marketers, including beginner, intermediate, or advanced marketers, the MailPanda could be what you’re looking for.

What are the Features of MailPanda?

MailPanda comes with plenty of features that help you do email marketing much easier than before. Now, let’s dig deep into what this email marketing automation software includes for you.

  • User-Friendly Dashboard: MailPanda features a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to see your email lists, your subscribers, your used email templates, all campaigns, and even recent campaigns in one go.
  • Email Lists Management: When it comes to managing email lists, the MailPanda allows you to manage the lists of emails, subscriber lists, custom fields, forms, and pages. You can also spit an extensive list into several ones.
  • Email Blacklists and Suppression Lists: You can manage email blacklists and suppression lists so that the listed emails will never get any emails from you.
  • Campaigns Management: MailPanda allows you to manage regular, recurring, and autoresponder campaigns by creating customized campaign tags and regular campaign groups.
  • Different Newsletter Scheduling: MailPanda includes an advanced technology that allows you to set multiple newsletter scheduling according to different time zones.
  • Multiple Optin Features: To collect filter leads, you’ll get a single optin and double optin system in MailPanda.
  • Unlimited Subscribers: If you use MailPanda, you’ll be allowed to make unlimited subscribers. You can also import or export your email subscribers without any problem. In this process, you don’t need to worry about losing a single lead from your list.
  • Advanced Autoresponders: No matter how large your list size is, how many autoresponders you set, and how many email campaigns you run, the advanced autoresponders of this software does your job perfectly.
  • Updated Automation System: If you don’t have any web development skills, don’t worry. MailPanda is designed with a super-easy point and click dashboard so that you can set an automation campaign with any web development skill.
  • 100+ Ready-To-Use Templates: MailPanda has 100+ conversion tested templates that you can use in a few simple clicks to get a lot of leads against your offers.
  • Drag & Drop Editor: You can start writing your promotional email on a blank canvas. Then design with one of the ready-to-go templates by simply dragging and dropping.
  • Spam Checker: MailPanda has an excellent spam checker that helps you reduce the bounce rate, showing you the keywords that send your emails in spam. So, change the keywords and enhance the chances of inboxing.
  • Media Integration: With your email texts, you can attach images, videos, PDFs, etc. All of these things will be stored inside the MailSniper dashboard.
  • Fully Secured System and Data Backup: MailPanda understands your data are so important to you. That’s why it makes an entirely secured system with backups so that you don’t lose leads you’ve made through hard work.
  • Integration with Any SMTP: If you purchase MailPanda for email marketing, you can integrate it with any SMTP server to send your newsletters. You can also use services like Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid, and many more.
  • 100 Days Moneyback Guarantee: MailPanda offers 100 days of money-back guarantee to its customers. If you buy it but find some issues or don’t get satisfaction, you can instantly ask for a refund.

How Does MailPanda Work?

MailPanda is an easy-to-operate email marketing automation software that works in just 3 simple steps. So, let’s have a look at them below.

Step – 1: Import Your Contacts

First of all, import your existing email lists or create an optin form using any template offered by MailPanda. You don’t have to lose any lead or being rejected. In fact, you can immediately set up a highly profitable campaign in no time.

Step – 2: Send Emails to People’s Mail Inboxes

Once you’ve uploaded your contacts or created an optin form using any template, you can now send unlimited emails as per your selected email campaigns. You can customize the campaigns as per your business or offers.

Step – 3: Set a Schedule and Enjoy Getting More Results

Finally, select the list and hit the send button. MailPanda does the entire job according to your set schedule. It will automatically send emails to your subscribers, and you will enjoy getting more results.

Buying Guide

You may spend a lot of time writing the perfect email for your subscribers. After hitting send, you notice that not many of your subscribers read that.

Due to low open rates, you don’t get the expected ROI (return of investment).

This may also happen because your emails are in spam. Gmail and Yahoo filter your messages and mark them as spam. That’s why your audience cannot find your emails in their inboxes.

Besides, your imported list is rejected due to your ineffective autoresponders. All of a sudden, your account is suspended without any explanation. Consequently, all your hard-earned leads are lost.

However, you shouldn’t worry about it!

If you start using MailPanda, you can resolve all these issues. This best email marketing software for small business has the most advanced email autoresponder that brings more than 300% outcomes.

Why Do You Buy MailPanda?

I found several reasons why you need to buy MailPanda. Now, I’m going to share with you some of them below.

  • Comes with Fully Cloud-Based Technology: MailPanda is a piece of fully cloud-based software. That’s why you don’t need to purchase any hosting plan and Installation. If you’re a beginner or don’t have technical skills, you can use the software without any hassle.
  • Offers Advanced Features for Easier Email Marketing: This lead collection software offers advanced features to its customers, including sending unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers directly in their mail inbox.
  • Accelerate Your Open and Click Rates: You should use MailPanda because it helps you skyrocket your open and click rates more than before. The email marketing software can pass the filters of major email service providers, like Gmail and Yahoo, and land your emails in inboxes.
  • Allows You to Personalize Content: If you ask me why you should use MailPanda, I will tell you that it allows you to personalize your content according to your requirements. It also has over 25 thousand vectors and a lot of emojis to use in the email headline and body.
  • Provides Deep Analytics: MailPanda can deliver deep analytics of your email campaigns, tracking your opens, clicks, and other useful data. Consequently, the chances of your success in email marketing increase.
  • Helps You Boost Productivity: Since MailPanda helps you save time, creating an easy campaign with a ready-to-go template, it helps to boost your productivity. Besides, it provides you with awesome video tutorials so that you can learn email marketing.

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What One Time Offers (OTOs) Does MailPanda Have?

One of the most impressive things about the best email marketing software for large business is that it comes with 1 FE and 7 OTOs that you may not find in other products.

  • FE (Front-End): Pricing: $19. With a $4 discount, the downsell is $15. Keep in mind that the price of the email marketing software increases by 1 cent every 1 hour.
  • OTO1 (MailPanda Pro Edition): Pricing: $37. With a $5 discount, the downsell is $32. This edition allows you to unlock more MailPanda options, such as the list cleaning tool, subscriber management, various SMTP options and lists, and many more.
  • OTO2 (MailPanda Done for You Edition): Pricing: $197. The downsell of the edition is $97/67.
  • OTO3 (MailPanda Enterprise Edition): Pricing: $47. With a $10 discount, the downsell is $37. In this edition, you’ll get one on one VIP mailing, faster mailing, high-quality training for email marketing, and many more.
  • OTO4 (DFY Blogs): Pricing: $67. With a $20 discount, the downsell is $47. In this edition, you’re going to get DFY money blogs and 25 pre-monetized blogs, including hosting.
  • OTO5 (MailPanda Platinum Traffic): Pricing: $67. With a $30 discount, the downsell is $37. In this upgrade, the MailPanda team will provide you with done-for-you traffic and sales throughout the year.
  • OTO6 (MailPanda Reseller+ Agency): Pricing: $197. With a huge $130 discount, the downsell is only $67. You’ll get this within a limited time.
  • OTO 7 (MailPanda Whitelabel Edition): Pricing: $297. With a hundred dollar discount, the downsell is $197.

What Bonuses Will You Get with MailPanda?

If you buy MailPanda, you’ll get the following bonuses. I’m now going to discuss 8 exclusive bonuses for you. Apart from that, you’ll get over 300 bonuses from MailPanda General JV Bonuses.

  • 1st Bonus: You’re going to get over 8 thousand Facebook groups with over 50 million people looking for chances to make money. Those groups are making money network, online marketing, affiliate marketing, business marketing, technology, entertainment, and many more. If you buy a product, you can promote your products or services in these groups.
  • 2nd Bonus: You’ll get 5 profitable, done-for-you courses that worth around 2,000 dollars.
  • 3rd Bonus: MailPanda offers you a piece of live broadcaster software, which is around 300 dollars. It builds an awesome functionality where many users broadcast “Live Streaming” from multiple sources, such as IP cameras, PC webcam, and Android/iOS apps.
  • 4th Bonus: You’ll also get DigitMart that worth nearly 1 thousand dollars. You can sell ebooks, videos, themes, templates, and many more multimedia using this piece of software. This is a marketplace where many people open accounts and submit their digital products for sale.
  • 5th Bonus: If you purchase MailPanda, you’re allowed to use Digit Hub Marketplace, where you can submit your digital products and earn a handsome amount of money.
  • 6th Bonus: You’ll get FB Made Easy Tutorial, a detailed guide on Facebook pages and ads. This awesome video training teaches you how to accelerate your business success using Facebook pretty quickly.
  • 7th Bonus: In number 7, you’re going to get a Facebook Customer Chat that integrates Facebook Messenger to your website. The worth of the software is approximately 300 dollars. This is a premium WordPress plugin that helps you interact with your customers anytime on your website. It takes only a couple of minutes to be installed.
  • 8th Bonus: Last but not the least, you’ll get Boom Video Engine worth around 1 hundred dollars. It helps you create video websites according to a specific niche to get more visitors to your websites. The supported video services are YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, TED, Facebook, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I import my current autoresponder lists with MailPanda?

Answer: Yes, you can import your current autoresponder lists with MailPanda so easily. Just import a list from your current autoresponder in a CSV file. MailSniper will do the rest of the job.

2. Can I import unlimited lists and subscribers?

Answer: Yes, there are no restrictions on importing lists and subscribers.

3. Is there any risk in my investment?

Answer: MailPanda knows how valuable your money to you. So, you can rely on MailPanda that your investment will be safe. However, MailPanda states that it will give you a refund if you deliver a valid reason against any issue about the software.

Wrapping Up

In my opinion, MailPanda is one of the most advanced email marketing platforms I’ve ever experienced. I hope you will find it valuable and helpful to make money online.

That’s why I will highly recommend you buy MailPanda that helps you send unlimited emails to your unlimited subscribers.

If you’re looking for the best email marketing software for affiliate marketing, this one could be a suitable option for you.

However, if you buy MailPanda by using my referral link, I will give you some special bonuses to easily earn money from email marketing and internet marketing.

So hurry up to get this advanced email autoresponder for a highly discounted one-time price for the first 7 days.

And start earning more money than ever before.

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