Skill VS Labor Economy System: What is the Actual Example?

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If we do not divide the whole economic system into two parts, one of them is working with the brain. Generally, those who work with the brain have a little more value, and their income ratio is more.

And in the other part, whom we will keep, they are ordinary workers. Those who are in double part, their work is basically the same way that the above-level management creates the plans of the brain, shaping it correctly.

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Let’s say with an example: Skill VS Labor Economy

Skill VS Labor

In an economic system, such as doctors, engineers, developers, there is only one in the same economy contains rickshaw pullers or garment workers also exist.

When we look at the real eyes – the garment workers, the rickshaw drivers, work harder than doctors, engineers. By working from morning to night, at the same time, the fees are much lower than doctors or engineers. This is different of Skill VS Labor Economy!

That’s not the case with less than that. Although a rickshaw driver works for two to three years, his current condition cannot be changed, where an engineer or doctor can develop their current condition much more with time.

On the other hand, the garment workers who are in the general category are going from where they are.

What is the basic reason?

I have come to hear from that little time and sometimes I am also going through various situations, that is, the hard working is the key to success. If this is not wrong, then why are they not changing the current condition of rickshaw or garment workers?

It is not wrong to actually hear or say that childhood is the key to success. But here are some technical issues hidden.

What’s the matter?

We have set up a general program on our head – that we believe that if we do a work every day, and then pull it out, then one day will be self-reliant and a better time for our career.

What is the matter? Never, this is how you see a doctor or an engineer in the present state, do not see the same condition in the next 4/5 years.

In the same way, the condition of a rickshaw puller or garment worker in the same condition is likely to be seen in the next 4/5 years.

What is the reason?

There is no reason for complicated anymore. The reason is lack of development mentality. It is normal to think this mentality development will not be a common rickshaw puller.

Entrepreneurial or development mentality is possible if a rickshaw puller can be improved?

If you tell the story of a rickshaw puller very well. A resident of Faridpur, a rickshaw. He came to Dhaka with a pocket of 200 TK or $2.5. Work on renting a rickshaw from a garage.

After getting a rickshaw, he would have got 500 TK or $6 per day, 250 TK or $3 from him, and the rest would cost Tk 250 or $3. Where other rickshaw drivers sent their full income to the village home, nor did they spend money on drugs.

At that place, he started collecting money from 250 to 100 rupees per day. For this, one meal at the place of two beds.

Thus, one month later, he was deposited 3000 thousand TK or $25. After 2 months 6000 thousand or $65 in this way, he bought a rickshaw with $65.

Then he gave the rickshaw rent. From there he earns 250 per day without any effort. Someone else would sit and sit in his place. He kept running the same process. Two months later, one more rickshaw was rented out.

Thus when his process started moving. One time he owns a lot of rickshaws. And to be honest, he is the head of the biggest rickshaw owner association in Bangladesh. Now he has his house in Dhaka.

If he could try to live life with a rickshaw, then he would not have died. But in his current situation, there would not have been an improvement if he had a normal rickshaw driver, he would have spent it again.

And this thing is Ti Skill Draven Economy’s Magic. Initially, she was a laborious worker in Labor Driving Economy. Then he came out with the Developmental Mentality in Skill Driven Economy.

All those who are reading this article are trying to put their career in a very good position on the Internet or many of them are successful in this work.

I’ve been involved with this internet for the past two years. And from this experience, many of you are still wasting time on Data Entry, Clicks, CAPTCHA, and Champakshash-some of the type of fraudulent skills in this type of fraudulent skill.

So again, you have to think about the whole thing as a thoughtful entrepreneur. You have to learn a positive skill very well that can convert a business in the next 4/5 years.

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For example, if I say:

As you work very well in the SEO industry, one time you become known as an SEO Specialist. If you have a development mentality, then after 4/5 years, SEO Knowledge can go a long way by utilizing it. This is the truth.

If you do not keep the skill level together, then go to Labor Driving Economy. If you want to be Skilled Driven Economy always have to be concentrating on increasing your skills.

One thing we sometimes say is that survival does not mean selfishness, it means that the rickshaw pullers, but they are working hard, what does that mean is selfishness?

Never, if you cannot improve in your current situation, it is not called selfishness. People will survive in various ways till death that is the real case. To achieve Butt’s self-sufficiency, we will continue to develop and develop skill.

Therefore, those who want to come online for earning 5-6 thousand takas or $55/$66 for this year by earning data entry, CAPTCHA, do not be guilty if compared to rickshaw pullers or garment workers.

Thus, they cannot stand their carrier because they are not thinking about the realities. What they’re doing is general thinking like Labor. You’re not labor. You have to be a skillful man.

And in this way, those who work with development mentality, their success has progressed over time.


Our Topic – Skill VS Labor Economy is now ended! I believe this article will help you think of many positive things. If you have questions, please. Thanks!

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