Social Media Marketing Mistake : Avoid Best 5 Tips

Hey, everyone, I’m from LearnerCity101.com and today I’m gonna share with you the biggest social media marketing mistake that you’re making that’s causing you to not do well.

Everyone’s on the social web but why isn’t it? That no one follows your account where you can’t get any traffic on your social profiles. Today’s topic is – Social media marketing mistake!

Well, you know what it’s about to change!

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The first Tip about Social Media Marketing Mistake: Don’t Post Content too often

The first social media marketing mistake that you need to avoid is posting content too often. Everyone believes that hey you want to do well on a Facebook post. 10 times a day the more you post.

The more people will see you that may work for Twitter. But for most social sites if you post too much you’re not going to do well.

You only have a certain amount of people following you. If you keep posting too much information you’re going to wear them out.

And they’re gonna start ignoring your content try to post no more than once a day. I’m not talking about live video or stories or anything like that.

I’m talking about posting an image or a video of status update try not to post more than one a day.

Second Tip: Need to Avoid is Posting Mediocre Content

The second mistake that you need to avoid is posting mediocre content. Now that you know you only want to post once a day.

When you do post once a day that Conda has to be amazing.

If people don’t like it they’re not gonna engage or comment. You know what if you post a content that’s mediocre or you think is great.

And you got no comments or engaging for likes leave a comment below with the word yes! That way knows you’re struggling with creating amazing content and think of it.

This way if that content isn’t something that you would tell your friends about or you would share or you don’t think has a slight possibility of going viral.

Then it’s not gonna do that well if you’re not sure what great content is going to buzzsumo put in keywords within your space.


It’ll show you what’s popular on the social web. Already you want to use tools like buzzsumo and sociably to come up with better content that way whenever you do post its amazing content.

Third Tip: Leveraging Idioms Videos

The third mistake that most people are making is they’re not leveraging idioms videos is the future Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn all of these players want to get your attention more.

So then even a live TV, I’m talking about you know that big LCD technically you don’t have a big TV anymore they’re all now thin.

And go on your wall but you get the point in which these social sites are craving for your attention. They want you to be on Facebook instead of watching HBO or NBC or Sky Sports.

So that’s why they want you to upload video content. If you upload video content you’ll get two to three times more engagement and views. Then if you just upload a photo or a text update.

Fourth Tip: Engaging in the First Hour

The fourth mistake that many people make is they’re not engaging in the first hour. The way most social algorithms work is whatever does extremely well in the first hour.

Continually goes viral. It’s like the opposite of SEO with SEO it’s a long-term game you release content. You never do well in the first hour.

You’re lucky if that content ranks really well after 30 days or six months in many cases. It’ll take over a year with the social web.

It’s all about the first hour. So if you have an email list promote your email lists or technically promote that video or status update.

You did to that email list that way you can drive more engagement. If you have a push notification subscriber list from tools like subscribers.com send them to your social profile.

Subscriber Tools - LearnerCity101

When you have a status update that way it gets more views engagement and that way over the next thirty days 60 days.

It’ll rank higher on YouTube or over the next 24 hours. It’ll get way more views and shares on Facebook you want to push things hard in the first hour it goes live.

Last and Five Tip: Remember to Engage With Your Audience

And the last mistake that I want you to avoid is not engaging social is all about being a two-way street. If you asked me a question.

I didn’t answer that’d be rude of me that’s how social media works. You need to engage with other people.

So when they leave a comment make sure you respond. Even if their comment is as simple as like hey thanks Nadim, thanks for leaving this or creating this video.

And if you feel that this video is good to leave a comment below telling me thanks. I really do appreciate it, and you what you’ll see me respond to you.

Even if you just say thanks or hi why because social media is a two-way street. It’s important for me to communicate with you.

Just like it is for you to communicate with me and if you communicate more and you have those responses to every single comment.

You’ll find that over time you’re gonna get much more shares views likes. Then if you didn’t engage with your audience.

So that’s it if you stop making those mistakes you’re gonna get way more traction on the social web. Doesn’t matter, if using LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter these tactics will help you out.

Article Reference: Neal Patel Blogs!


Today’s article topic – Social Media Marketing Mistake is ended now! Thanks for reading this article. Make sure you share this!

And again I hope to see you next time and giving you more marketing advice!

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