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Today’s article topic is – Two Ways to Earn Money from Online. Welcome everyone to this site. Today we’re going to talk about 2 medium using which you can also earn from this online platform.

Two Ways to Earn Money from Online:

Everyone wants to earn from the internet. Like the offline world in the online world, we have got thousands of ways to prove ourselves.

We just have to find them out, know the processes and have to have skills in some particular subjects. So, without talking nonsense anymore let’s say those 2 mediums.

Let’s start with 2 questions.

  1. Do you know how to blog or do you like to blog?
  2. You know YouTubing?

Do You Know How to Blog or Do You Like to Blog?

If the answer to the 2nd question is more positive than the 1st question then 60% of your work is already done.

When a person like a work, then the work will be done automatically. So, those of you who like to blog, blogging can be a good medium to earn money from the internet.

So, how to start? You can start by opening a free blog site. There are thousands of videos on YouTube regarding how to open a blog free blog site, how to write good quality blog posts, how to decorate a blog site you just have to search them out.

Sometimes we don’t even have the urge to search them out and thus we can’t learn. This part is very important in today’s topic – Two Ways to Earn Money from Online!

So, I will share a popular and great medium for blogging, you will get the link from here. For those think blogging is hard or there are some, who get frustrated building a blog site.

I will say the name of a site which is already prepared for you, now you just have to post two good quality post every day and earn money.

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YouTube has good videos about how to open up an account on this site and how to verify an account, how to post on the site, you just have to have the urge to search them.

If you just post a good quality article the first day and expect to earn money, it will not do, you have to write articles every day whether it’s your own blog site or a third-party hosted blog site.

The important thing is continuously writing some good quality articles. If you can do this in the course of 3-4 months you will definitely get good results.

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You have to be able to write about a particular subject. You might understand literature, then write about literature, you may like technology, you can write about technology etc..

Do you know YouTubing?

What is YouTubing? Hope we all know the answer to this question. Once I just watch YouTube videos, never got the urge to learn why so many people upload such beautifully crafted videos? Are the people doing all these video editings, the color combination just because the like to do it? No, all these people don’t upload so many videos out of love, some have chosen YouTube professionally.  YouTube is their source of earning. The things you have to know primarily if you want to see yourself as a successful YouTuber are –

How to Open Up a YouTube Channel?

The channel you open must be a brand channel. There are numerous videos on YouTube about, what a brand channel is or why you should open a brand channel or how to open a brand channel.

You have to have skill in any particular subject. This particular subject can be anything such as singing, Photoshop, web design etc.. Any positive skill you have will make Youtubing easy for you.

People now don’t waste time idly, they sit to work with whatever skill they have.

You have to have some knowledge of video editing. Because it can’t present your videos somewhat beautifully to people, then people won’t come to see your video.

You can find good video resources of the working procedure of Camtasia studio in YouTube. You just have to have willpower.

You have to continuously make and upload videos of your existing skills. Never upload another channels video.

This type of bad habit should be avoided at any cost. YouTube requires you to upload unique videos not some edited videos of other channels.

You can remake other channels videos making them in your own style, this won’t cause any problem.

If you can successfully do all the things mention above, congratulation! Now your task is to search keywords, creating thumbnails, researching tags for your videos and sharing your content on various social networks.

YouTube Channel topic is the most important part of – “Two Ways to Earn Money from Online!”

These things I mentioned now are required SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your video.

There are two types of SEO, one type of SEO is done after making and editing videos and the other type is done after uploading videos.

You can find numerous good quality video tutorials on how to do SEO on YouTube.

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Hay! Two Ways to Earn Money from Online – this topic is now ended! I don’t know how much I was able to make you understand Youtubing. I couldn’t elaborate on all other things on YouTube in such a short space here.

I will write detailed articles about particular topics on YouTube. I will provide you with some YouTube channel links to know more deeply about YouTubing, which will make things more clearly to you.

That’s all for today. Will be right back with some new articles on some other topics.

Thanks a lot for your time.

Kawkab Nadim

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